Is mindfulness making us ill?

Wanted to impart a bit of perspective on this article and address any concerns that may be arising along a similar vein of experience. As a serious practitioner of meditation, mindfulness, and other healing and self-cultivation arts for over ten years, I can say with definitive certainty, no - it is not making us ill at all. These practices do, however, produce a profound and sometimes radical shift in our awareness and perception of ourselves, the material that arises in our minds, and the sensations that we experience in our bodies. Suddenly, thoughts that have been habitually arising in our unconscious or subconscious layers of the mind are now plainly seen in the openness and light of the meditation experience. This can be a painful and disorienting process that in many cases requires the sincere direction and guidance of a seasoned practitioner or instructor who understands these phenomena and can help the beginner navigate this terrain with compassion, grace and confidence. As many have said, this is simply an inevitable byproduct of isolating these powerful techniques and utilizing them in absence of the rich tradition, community, and hierarchy that was implemented to uphold them as a path of personal growth and enlightenment. That being said, I do believe the growth and acceptance of mindfulness in our culture is a positive and wonderful movement - just one that needs to be tempered and oriented to with understanding and bit more humility.

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